August 04, 2012

IntellijIdea - Smartest IDE!

IntellijIdea developed on Idea platform, from JetBrains is the the best IDE I have used for Java. After trying IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans and Intellij Idea(Idea), I found Idea to be extremely user friendly, light weight, fast and with powerful features and plugins. The best part of the IDE is that they offer free licenses for OpenSource projects and for Academic Use. Advanced code re-factoring and local history management are probably my favorite features.

Idea is a Java software development IDE which supports all Java frameworks that you can every imagine of. Below is the list of frameworks supported:
  1. Core Java
  2. J2EE (JSP, EJB, Hibernate, Swing, Sturts, etc.)
  3. Android
  4. jUnit - White Box Testing
  5. Build automation and execution tools like Ant and Maven
  6. J2ME - Mobile software development
  7. Source Version Control tools like GitHub, SVN, VSS, CVS, etc.
There are several other tools available on Idea Platform like PHP(PHPStorm), HTML(WebStorm), Ruby on Rails, Android and GWT.  The best part of the tool is its intelligent auto-complete based on the gestures and use of functions and variables in the code. This feature tremendously increases the development efficiency. Autosuggestion for variable names, detecting third party libraries, code reformatting, Source Version Control integration, code refactoring and code debugging are some of the standard IDE features with highest simplicity and usability available in Idea.

There are hundreds of plugins available for Idea platform for third party applications and tools integration and this list keeps on increasing continuously. 

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