April 29, 2014


When you get this error, there is nothing wrong with the DB server or network. This error is caused because of the following reasons:
  1. The client application is trying to fetch large number of records and not able to process it.
  2. The client application is not able to process the result-set buffer for large number of records. In some cases this might be because large number of records are fetched and processing is done row by row.
  3. The DB server is waiting for acknowledgement from client application for receipt of the records and the client is not able to acknowledge due to insufficient buffer space to receive the records.
  • Check with the application team/developer for how many records are being fetched in the query
  • Try to reduce the number of records in the query by adding additional filters
  • Improve the memory buffer of the client
  • Use TOP X records to reduce the number of records.

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